Havant Quail

Laying Hens and Cockerels

Laying Quail Hens Havant

Laying Coturnix Quail Hens

Meet our Coturnix Quail Laying Hens, aged around 12 weeks. These young hens are ready to provide you with fresh quail eggs, even in the UK’s unpredictable weather. The presence of a male quail in the flock contributes to their well-being and offers the advantage of fertile eggs, prized for their unique culinary qualities.

To ensure their well-being, provide shelter and care. Coturnix quail thrive in a safe environment. For basic lighting needs, consider supplemental lighting to maintain egg-laying productivity. Detailed care information will be available on our website soon.

With care and a comfortable environment, your Coturnix Quail Laying Hens, accompanied by a male quail, will provide you with delicious eggs year-round. Experience the joy of collecting your own fresh quail eggs and welcome these hardy hens and their male companion to your quail family.

£ 10.00


Coturnix Quail Cockerels

Meet our fully mature Coturnix Quail Roosters, also known as Cockerels, aged around 12 weeks. These handsome and robust quail are the perfect addition to your quail flock. Hardy and adaptable, they are well-prepared to face the UK winter with resilience. While they won’t lay eggs, they play a crucial role in your quail community, ensuring harmony and protection.

One additional advantage of having roosters and cockerels in your flock is their role in fertilising eggs. This leads to the production of fertile eggs, which are prized by many enthusiasts for their unique culinary qualities. Fertile quail eggs offer a distinct flavour profile and are often preferred for their culinary versatility.

With appropriate care, shelter, food, and water, our mature roosters and cockerels will thrive, and your quail community will continue to flourish, providing you with fertile eggs and all the joys of quail-raising throughout the year. Welcome them to your quail family and experience the full spectrum of quail life.

£ 10.00

Quail Hens and Cockerels Havant

Quail Covy

Step into the delightful world of our Coturnix quail flock, featuring a harmonious group of three hens and one attentive male. These quails have formed a tight-knit community, ensuring their happiness and well-being.

In this quartet, you’ll witness the joy of a close-knit bevy, where the hens and their devoted cockerel companion interact harmoniously. Together, they create a lively and content quail family, sharing the same stage of development.

Our quails are no strangers to the changing seasons of the UK, adapting with resilience to the climate. They’re also accustomed to having a medium-sized dog around, so they shouldn’t be too phased by any pet pooches in the vicinity. However, it’s essential to watch your dog carefully, especially if they have a strong prey drive.

Join this close bevy of hens and their dedicated cockerel partner, and experience the camaraderie and beauty of these small yet captivating creatures. Welcome them into your life, and embrace the heart warming dynamics of quail family life.