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Bringing Quail Love to You

At Havant Quail, our mission is to share the love and wonder of quail with you. From our family to yours, we offer top-quality quail products and advice to enhance your quail-raising journey

The Heart of Havant Quail

Our values are rooted in love and respect for these wonderful creatures. We commit to transparency and integrity in every aspect, ensuring that our products reflect the care and dedication we hold for our cherished quail family. Discover the joy of keeping quail with Havant Quail.

“Havant Quail provided me with the perfect start to my quail-raising adventure. The quality of the quail eggs and birds is exceptional, and I appreciated the guidance they offered on quail care. It's clear that they have a genuine passion for these birds. I'm grateful for their expertise and the joy they've brought to my life.”

Terry M