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Fresh Eggs, and Quail Chicks, Hens, and Cockerels

Havant Quail Produce

Explore our diverse Coturnix quail offerings, from fertile eggs for hatching to adorable chicks and mature hens and cockerels. Whether you’re a quail enthusiast, a culinary artist, or looking to expand your quail flock, we have the perfect quail solutions for you. Discover the world of Coturnix quail with us today.

Fresh Fertile Eggs

Discover our selection of fresh, fertile Coturnix quail eggs, perfect for hatching, incubation, or culinary delights. Our Coturnix eggs are of the highest quality and carefully nurtured for optimal results.

Havant Quail Chicks

Quail Chicks

Our adorable coturnix quail chicks, perfect for showcasing the fascinating quail life cycle to children and enthusiasts of all levels. Raised with care, they're ready to join your flock and bring joy to your quail-raising journey.

Quail Roosters Havant

Quail Hens and Cockerels

Our adult Coturnix quail hens and cockerels, the heart of a thriving Coturnix quail flock. These mature Coturnix quail are perfect for breeding, providing delicious eggs, or expanding your Coturnix quail family.

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“I purchased quails from Havant Quail, and I couldn't be happier with my experience. The quails are healthy and well-cared for, and they've become a delightful addition to my backyard. The support and advice I received from the Havant Quail team made the process smooth and enjoyable. Highly recommended!”

Emily Davis