Quail Chicks

Quail Chicks

Coturnix Quail Chicks (unsexed)

Our ‘Coturnix Quail Chicks’ are a delightful addition to your quail family. These charming and lively young Coturnix quail chicks, aged 1 day to 3 weeks old, are unsexed and represent the perfect starting point for your quail-raising journey. To ensure their well-being during this early stage, a brooder will be needed to provide them with the warmth and care they require. Whether you’re enhancing an existing Coturnix quail community or starting anew, our Coturnix quail chicks are the perfect choice. For comprehensive guidance on their care and ensuring a seamless transition into your home, please visit our dedicated page.

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young quail

Young Coturnix Quail (sexed)

Our Coturnix quail at the age of 3 weeks to 8 weeks are a fantastic choice for those seeking sexed quail that are past the need for additional warmth. These young quail are already sexed for your convenience, eliminating any guesswork. You can confidently introduce them to your existing Coturnix quail community or start a new one, knowing their gender. With their robust growth during this stage, they are well on their way to becoming productive members of your quail family. Visit our dedicated page for more information on their care and seamless integration into your quail-raising endeavor.

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Why Havant Quail?

Welcome to Havant Quail, where we nurture our Coturnix quail offerings with genuine care and dedication. Located right here in Havant, Hampshire, England, our quail products are a labour of love. When you choose Havant Quail, you’re not just getting top-quality quail – you’re supporting a local business that pours heart and soul into every step of the journey. From fertile eggs, perfect for hatching, to charming chicks and mature hens and cockerels, our quail are a testament to our love for what we do. Experience the unique charm of Havant Quail and savour the satisfaction of sourcing your quail needs from a place where every quail is raised with love and passion.”